Map Viewer - A Mapping Tool for Mobile Robotics

Map Viewer is an application for working with maps of an environment, primarily for use with robotics research.  Map Viewer runs on M$ Windows (and will run on some versions of WINE on Linux), and can edit maps from most of the major robot simulators including:

It works with both bitmap-like grid maps and vector maps, the two most common map types used in robotic simulators.  Map Viewer can also import and export image types Jpeg, Bmp and Pnm files, converting them into an occupancy grid map.

Other features of Map Viewer include:

MapViewer is free to download and use, though if you feel an urge to fire off a big congratulatory email, feel free to do so.

A large amount of the code used in Map Viewer has been released by me as open source.  The Library page has more details.

To download MapViewer 2.2, click HERE.

To download MapViewer 2.3 click HERE.  This release is based on a complete rewrite of the base code. This was necessary in order to separate the code out into a separate library for the MapManager open source project.  As such, there may still be some bugs that are not present in version 2.2.  In addition to the features in version 2.2, this release can generate Delaunay triagulations of a set of points.  Last updated July 14th 2005. NOTE THAT MAPVIEWER 2.3 HAS A BUG WITH PLAYER/STAGE MAPS, SO USE VERSION 2.2 UNTIL THIS IS FIXED.

To download a zip file containing example maps in Mapviewer, Carmen and Saphira format, click HERE.

You can also download sets of randomly generated maps for three simulators, Player/Stage, Saphira and Rossum.  Each zip file contains 50 maps generated with the same specification for a single simulator.

Randomly Generated Maps
File Name
Number of Rooms
Avg Room Area (Metres sq)
Number of Robots
Player/Stage 5
Player/Stage 100
500 1
Saphira 5
100 1 Saphira 100
150 1
500 5
Rossum 5
100 5
Rossum 100
150 100

The help page is available HERE in Adobe PDF, or HERE in Microsoft Word, or HERE in HTML.
There are a set of tutorials on the use of MapViewer located HERE.  Tutorial 4 contains much new sample data for building grid maps from sonar data.